Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fort Lauderdale: Aruba Beach Cafe

I live pretty close to Aruba Beach Cafe and it is a nice place to go when you want decent food and an amazing view. It's literally on the beach, right by the Pier in Fort Lauderdale. It's so fun to people watch there. We even saw a guy that was on the beach cross country skiing! I've been there a handful of times. Even though the bar is crowded, I haven't had to wait for a table. Service is usually efficient. Prices aren't too bad either.

My last visit I ordered the Crabcake Sandwich. The crabcake was pretty good. I love crabcakes so I've definitely had my fair share, and I'd give it a 6/10. I love their french fries. The fries are thin and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. My sister had the Seafood Louie salad. It was delicious! They toss the seafood in a creamy dill sauce (I LOVE dill!). This is one of their best items. One thing I missed though is their Lobster Pizza. It was great, but they took it off the menu. I hope they put it back on soon.