Thursday, March 27, 2008

Miami Beach: Taco Rico

I spent part of last weekend in Miami for my friend's birthday. We spent way too much money on Saturday night, so it was time to get a filling & cheap meal (I know this seems impossible for South Beach). So it was time to head to Taco Rico, which is south of Lincoln Rd on Alton Rd. They have great lunch specials. Three of us had 3 entrees, 3 sodas, and Queso dip for $27.00 total. We each got the Three taco platter ($4.95, which is served with beans & rice). You can pick your meat (I got 2 beef, 1 chicken). You order at the counter and they give you chips to start. They have a good salsa bar with about 8 different salsas, the hottest being Atomic (I am not brave enough for that). I got Tomatillo, which is my favorite. The Queso was really good, but the cheese did clump up in some spots. The tacos were yummy! They had a good portion of meat and toppings. You really can't beat the prices here. The quality is great for the money paid.